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MrLooquer IOCFeed is now part of Maltiverse

Maltiverse is born as a service oriented to cybersecurity analysts for the advanced analysis of indicators of compromise. And few days ago Maltiverse announce the on boarding of a new IoC feed that contains really valuable information. This feed is MrLooquer IOCFeed. MrLooquer IOC Feed is the first threat feed focused on systems with dual stack. Since IPv6 protocol has begun to be part of malware and fraud communications, It is necessary to detect and mitigate the threats in both protocols (IPv4 and IPv6). We analyze and generate daily our dual stack threat feed. You can download below the IOCs we’ve seen in the last 7 days. However, you can access to all our threat database in our IPLake service. Try Maltiverse with MrLooquer integrated and tell us your feelings. MrLooquer on Maltiverse Happy Haking